OG21 Strategy - A New Chapter

Environment and greenhouse gas emissions

The prioritized technology and knowledge areas for TG1 are:

  • Energy efficiency in offshore operations.

  • Reduced cost of electrification.

  • Offshore carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS).

  • Lifecycle assessments.

  • Leak detection and mitigation.

  • Environmental risk assessment and management.

  • Oil spill contingency.

  • Environmental performance data.

The first three are addressing the need for reducing CO2-emissions from the NCS, described in Section 3.3; whereas lifecycle assessments look at assessing environmental impacts beyond the NCS geography (supply chain etc.). The next three are related to the “zero harm” vision and drive for continual improvement described in Section 3.1 and 3.2.  The final point looks at the coverage of and access to data which describes environmental performance.

Technology development includes development of knowledge. The technology strategy emphasizes the need for improved knowledge, improved risk understanding, and corresponding mitigating actions to ensure a sustainable effect on the environment from the oil and gas activities.

Implementation of new technologies might affect risk. Technology development within the environment and greenhouse gas emission perspectives will need to consider its possible impact on safety by ensuring an integrated risk assessment of possible technology solutions.

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