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Valuable suggestions received in input meetings

Around 100 participants provided valueable input to OG21 in the meetings February 3-4, 2021. 

The OG21 strategy is being revised - provide input

Read about the revision of the strategy and how you can provide input.

Well expert wins OG21 Technology Champion 2020 award

Knut Henriksen from Baker Hughes is the winner of the OG21 Technology Champion award for 2020. The award is given to individuals that have been instrumental for the implementation of new, value adding technology.

Machine learning could improve efficiency on the NCS

Machine learning is an exciting new technology that can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and costs, as well as increase production, a new report from OG21 shows.

The OG21 strategy

Read about the OG21 strategy, recommendations and follow-up actions.

Economical support in 2021 from:

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