Oil and gas for the 21st century

Jan Erik Lie from AkerBP is the winner of the OG21 Technology Champion award for 2022.

The theme of the OG21-forum 2022 was how the Norwegian petroleum sector can continue to provide energy whilst contributing to the energy transition and reduction of GHG emissions. Footage from the conference is available here.

The reports from the deepdive study on lw-emission technologies have been published. The reports were presented at the OG21-forum, November 16th.

The new OG21 strategy was released November 11th, 2021.

Industry enterprises, research institutes and universities can apply for funding of research and innovation project through a variety of public supported R&D&I instruments. The figure shows relevant support instruments managed by the Research Council of Norway, Innovation Norway, Enova and Gassnova.

Economical support in 2022 from:

Industristøtte 2022.png

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