The OG21 strategy is being revised

The OG21 strategy is being revised in 2021, and the work has started.

The OG21 strategy was last revised in 2016. Much has happened in society, in the energy markets and in the petroleum industry since then, and the OG21 strategy is therefore being revised.

We are seeking input

OG21's technology groups will identify, discuss and prioritize technology and knowledge needs during the spring of 2021. But all other OG21 stakeholders have also the opportunity to provide input:



  1. Input can until end of February be submitted by the use of this input form (input form in Norwegian, but feel free to provide input also in English).
  2. Through input meetings that were conducted February 3-4. Details on the meetings here.
  3. Comments to the draft strategy document in the period August-September, 2021.

We have already received quite a lot of input through a survey we conducted among OG21's stakeholders in 2020. The answers we received clearly showed that reducing greenhouse gas emissions should receive even greater attention in the future. Simultaneously we will have to continue to develop and adopt technology that improves efficiency and lowers costs. You can read more about the answers in the report from the survey.


The new OG21 strategy needs to reflect changes in external factors

The Covid-19 situation has had a huge impact globally and nationally on activity level, economy and demand and use of energy carriers. But even before the pandemic broke out, fundamental conditions for the energy markets were changing. OG21 has made an analysis of external factors that may have an impact on the revision of the OG21 strategy, link to the report.

Scope and timeline for the OG21 strategy revision

The scope and schedule for the strategy development are shown in the figures below. Most of the work will take place in the first half of 2021, and the new strategy will be presented at the OG21 forum, November 11th, 2021.

For questions about the strategy revision, contact the OG21 secretariat.


Time schedule.PNG