This year's deep dive study 2022

OG21 conducts every year a study on a topic of particular strategic interest for the Norwegian petroleum sector. This year, the topic is low-emission solutions both for the operational phase and along value chains for oil and gas.

The OG21 strategy from 2021 clearly communicates that reducing greenhouse gas emissions in connection with petroleum production has top priority. The industry and the authorities have set high goals and ambitions, and new knowledge and technology are important for achieving the goals cost-efficiently.

The OG21 strategy shows that emissions must also be reduced at the end use, both to achieve climate goals and to secure the market for Norwegian petroleum over the next decades.

Electrification is central to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, especially for meeting the 2030 target of a 50% reduction. At the same time, other sectors must also be electrified. To achieve this, the increase in demand must be balanced with access to new power and capacity to transfer power. The development could lead to periods of imbalance and subsequent discussions about the pace of the enrgy transition.

This is the background for this year's OG21 deep dive study. OG21 has engaged DNV to provide data and analyzes. Input from DNV is being used as the basis for OG21 workshops, and will also inform OG21's own report from the study. 

The draft report from DNV was available for commenting until 19 September. The report is now being updated, and both the DNV report and OG21's summary report will be presented at the OG21 forum, 16 November.

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